Ayurvedic consults, Yoga Therapy Sessions and Private Yoga lessons ~ In Person

Ayurvedic Consult

To schedule an in person Ayurvedic consult, Yoga Therapy Session or a Private Yoga Lesson please click below to schedule at the allotted times or you can call 941-222-0777 and we will be glad to schedule you.

During your first Ayurvedic consult you can anticipate an hour and a half initial consult.  During this consult the client's medical history, physical, emotional and spiritual status will be assessed.  Client will be asked a series of questions in which client's constitutional makeup  (true, authentic makeup client was born with called prakriti) will be discovered.  Then client will be asked another series of questions in which clients current makeup will be discovered (called vikriti).  Ayurvedic Practitioner will then offer a series of recommendations and suggestions for life style changes, ayurvedic personal herbal remedies etc. to help balance your makeup to bring you back into balance by getting you back to your original makeup (prakriti - the way you were born to be ~ your authentic self).

It is recommended that anyone undertaking Ayurvedic consults that a minimum of 3 appointments should be made for optimal results.  The first one being the initial consult and the next to review recommendations and the 3rd appt to review and assess how recommendations are working for client and adjust plan accordingly to ensure plan is meeting clients optimal needs and then every 6 months after to ensure plan is adjusted as client's health starts to return back to optimal well being.

Ayurvedic Initial Consult is $125 - hour and half session

Ayurvedic Follow up $60 - 55 minute session

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Virtual Ayurvedic consults and follow-ups are available.  Dragonfly has a doxy.me account and follows HIPPA rules and regulations.  This is a safe and secure way to virtually share private medical information.

Yoga Therapy

Annette Broy is a Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager E-RYT200, RYT500, Certified International Yoga Therapist and NAMA certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Annette specializes in working with traumatic injuries.   She has worked extensively throughout her nursing career and as a yoga therapist with clients who have suffered traumatic injuries whether work related, accident or structural defects through birth or acquired.  With yoga therapy the clients first appointment will be spent reviewing medical history, current physical range of motion, clients goals and current emotional status towards injury to obtain baseline and develop a treatment plan.  The appointments thereafter will be implementing the treatment plan, assigning simple homework exercises for the client and continuous re-assessing of client current status and ensuring client and therapist work together to accomplish clients goals.

As with any therapy sessions it is recommended to schedule a minimum of 3 sessions per week for optimal results.

Yoga Therapy is $85 per 55 minute session.


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Private Yoga Lessons

Are you curious about yoga?  Not sure if you are ready for a yoga class?  Sign up for a private and you will learn basic yoga principles and postures and learn how to modify the practice to meet your specific needs.  Private group yoga lessons are also available.

Private yoga lessons are $65 for 55 minutes.

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