Yoga Therapy Sessions


In October, Annette Broy, owner of Dragonfly Ayurveda and Yoga, re- ceived a call that her twin sister, Audrey Benedict, had suffered multiple traumatic injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Although experienced in riding motorcycles
for 45 years, Benedict, while riding in Clever, Missouri, was hit by an approaching car after the driver undercorrected

on a corner. Her hus- band, who was with her, avoided the accident.

By early December, sur- geries had left Benedict very debilitated and sick. She had lost weight and was in a lot of pain.

It appeared her treatment was not pro- gressing, so her husband suggested visiting her sister in Venice.

Broy, an Ayurveda health counselor, knew that stabilizing her sister and finding her deficits was essential to recovery.

Using Broy’s personal combination of herbs, diet remedies and green juices and combining

it with rest, Benedict’s gut healed in three days. With no energy for exercise for the rest of her week’s stay, she was given meditation.

“Having Western medicine working with five different doctors, each addressing indi- vidual parts, was very slow and confusing,”

Benedict said. “My sister was amazing because she addressed all the separate areas of my body — spiritual, mental, physical and my medical conditions, identifying deficits of which I was not aware.”

Doctors had told Benedict recovery would take a year, but they have been impressed at how far she has progressed in six months.

“Although I worked

with her, she will never fully recover, always having limitations,” Broy said. “But I got her back on track and progressing again.

“Doing yoga therapy by simply getting her in front of the mirror, she came to terms with her limitations, assisting her recovery.”

After returning home, Benedict continued physical and occupation- al therapy. Recently, she

returned to Venice for another week of treat- ment with Broy, working on nerve regeneration with blended herbs.

When they’re apart they Skype between Venice and Missouri. Broy does an online physical through the screen. It’s
a new service she set up particularly for snowbirds and that she provides to 50 other people.

She meets new clients online and emails them

forms they complete and return. Having reviewed them, she makes recom- mendations of personal- ized herbal blends, yoga exercises and lifestyle changes, providing a whole program to make them better.

Currently, the service is available only in the U.S., but she is considering setting up the same service for people around the world, whether they’re dealing with

chronic illness, open- heart surgery, a frozen shoulder — even a child’s bike injuries.

“I am so proud of her being able to help people in this area and around the United States,” Benedict said.

Dragonfly Ayurveda and Yoga, 439 South Tamiami Trail, is above Venetian Cleaners on the island. Call 941-222-0777.